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“Benay’s expertise has offered me a ton of peace of mind; it’s like having a highly capable financial team in your back pocket. I would highly recommend them with confidence.”

Michael Hruza
Director of Finance at Zorus Inc.

” Here is the truth: working with the Benay team has been nothing short of life-changing. As a fairly new business owner, it has brought me peace of mind I didn’t know I could access. The entire team is super responsive, highly knowledgeable and so very patient and kind. The only regret I have is to not have signed up with them sooner! “

Allen Tait, Founder/Managing Partner
Sebago Lake Distillery

” Here is the truth: working with the Benay team has been nothing short of life-changing. As a fairly new business owner, it has brought me peace of mind I didn’t know I could access. The entire team is super responsive, highly knowledgeable and so very patient and kind. The only regret I have is to not have signed up with them sooner! “

Calypso Portugaels
CCH at Mind Matters Hypnosis Center

” Benay does a wonderful job for our firm. They are responsive, attentive, and work hard as a team to make our lives easier. Great job, team! “

Zeke Callanan
Founding Partner, Opticliff Law
” Benay is wonderful. Not only have they freed up my time and energy by taking over the back office work, they’ve helped me grow the company by providing comprehensive financial overviews of where we are at any given moment in time. They’re trustworthy, smart and have been an invaluable resource during this period of rapid growth. I can’t recommend them highly enough. “
Bronwen Hruska
Publisher, Soho Press

” I went from not being able to find my a— with both hands to feeling like I really have my stuff together! The only difference…was Benay. This was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

Michael Parrella

” Benay has been an incredible asset to my business. They have helped me become a better, more effective business owner by encouraging good bookkeeping practices; coaching and advising me along the way. They are savvy, smart, and considerate colleagues. I am regularly amazed at their commitment to their client’s well being and future successes. They are also steadfast bookkeepers. I tell everyone with a small or growing business to work with them. I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with them. Simply great people. “

Patrick Roche
Founder/CEO, Think Tank Coworking
” I can’t imagine a company more reliable and efficient than Benay.”
Patrick Ryan

” Dawn Reshen-Doty and her team at Benay allow us to function as if we were a much larger company with professional staff handling bookkeeping, royalty accounting, collections and more, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Gary Baddeley
The Disinformation Company

” Working with Benay has been a very positive experience. Dawn and her team are always accessible, always responsive. At Akashic we have a fairly unconventional, author-friendly business model. I love our model, but it does create extra work for Benay. Regardless, they have fully embraced our approach and have allowed me to breathe easier in the process.”

Johnny Temple
Akashic Books
” We retained Benay when our long-time business manager retired. Benay was able to quickly learn the complexities of our business and to streamline and update many of our financial practices. They have been extremely responsive, with fast turnaround and all deadlines met. In short, Benay has been extremely efficient, diligent and professional partner on all levels. “
Irv Goldstein
Berkshire Broadcasting

” Working with Benay these past few years has enabled me to focus on growing my business, rather than dealing with the multitude of previously mandatory work matters. I feel extremely confident having Benay handle all our payroll, financial reporting, and compliance issues…be it state insurance or disability, economic censuses or streamlining payroll efficiency, Dawn and her knowledgeable team give me peace of mind and freedom. When issues pop up and overwhelm, Benay has the answers and track record to keep our business running smooth. “

Andrew Anselmo
The Piano School of NYC
” Very few relationships last decades, but for well over 20 years I’ve trusted Dawn Reshen-Doty and her talented staff at Benay Enterprises to handle all aspects of my businesses back office and business management. I couldn’t have done it without her!! “
Frank Weimann
The Literary Group
” Benay is not just a company that helps keeps our business running smoothly they are also our “sleep therapy company.” Since signing on with Benay my wife and I have never slept so well knowing that our business is well taken care of and things are getting done by people who care about our success. “
Michael Sauvageau
Noteworthy Chocolates

” Benay Enterprises has gone above and beyond our expectations in managing CityCenter Danbury’s daily financial needs. Both the company leadership under Dawn Reshen-Doty and our day to day contact, Anthony Magnano, have helped lead CityCenter Danbury to be a more efficient and successful organization. They’re an extension of our organization, team players, helping us sharpen our financial practices both for planning future practices and the daily financial processes. Every day, I’m confident that Benay Enterprises was the right decision to join CityCenter Danbury. “

Betsy Paynter
Executive Director, CityCenter Danbury
” It is an absolute joy being able to work with Benay on our bookkeeping and financial services. Their team is a seamless extension of our staff, and keeps us up to date on a regular basis with all of the financials, sales tax, AR/AP of our business, payroll, and so much more. I honestly don’t remember how I ever tried to do any of it without them. I am extremely grateful to Dawn & the Benay team for believing in our business and I would refer anyone to them in a heartbeat. Thanks!!! “
Lauren White
President/CEO, Bingley Digital™
” I am going on my third year as a client of Benay Enterprises. As my care management company grew, I knew I needed a good bookkeeping firm, but my past two experiences left me feeling discouraged until I met Dawn and her team…I transitioned to Benay and It has been such a wonderful experience and quite a relief. I do feel I have a strong back office administration and feel no matter what comes up I am fully supported. They are proactive and always have their eye on the ball. One phone call or email is all it takes to have the answers to my questions and continued education when I do not understand something. My anxieties about the back end work have vanished. I highly recommend choosing Benay if you want to focus on what you do best and let them do what they do best. “
Lisa Krauss, MA,LPC,NCC,CMC
Founder & Aging Life Care Manager Growing Options Inc.

” Benay is amazing! Having Benay handle our back office needs has enabled us to focus on the more important aspects of our business, our customers. We consider Benay to be an extension of our management team. They always have our best interest in mind. I would strongly reccomend them for all your back office and financial needs. I am so grateful for Dawn and her team on how they handled our business. “

Joseph Bonitatebus Jr.
National Retail Construction Group
” I should’ve hired the Benay team from the start. It’s hard for me to believe that I spent 10+ years doing my own books. It’s painful to calculate all of the productivity and money I lost attempting to tackle this aspect of my business on my own. The Benay team’s depth of knowledge in bookkeeping and responsive customer service is second to none. I now have the ability to focus on growing my business with ongoing insights and reports that I never had in the past. Looking back I can say with confidence that hiring Benay was one of the smartest decisions I have made to ensure the growth and success of my company. “
Ty Romstadt
CEO at Razz Professional Services, Inc.
” As a small restaurant trying to survive the pandemic, Benay has helped us navigate so many issues that are beyond the scope of what we’re capable of administratively. Without their work and support, we would not have been able to remain in business. All of this is in addition to the quality day-to-day services they provide. “
Vien Dobui
Co-Owner/Chef Cong tu Bot.

“Benay has been more than helpful and is a MUST-have if you’re looking for a trustworthy, super insightful, attentive, and reliable bookkeeping team! I can’t say enough how much relief they have provided me with their services in the financial aspect of running our non-profit organization, CityCenter Danbury. Their attention to detail and full support from their whole staff is very effective and productive. Kudos to Dawn Reshen-Doty for having a kick-a** TEAM!!!! “

Lazaro Chavez
Manager, CityCenter Danbury